Photographer For Weddings – What Is Expected Of Me?

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For so many of us, while we are planning our wedding day we learn there is a completely different line of what is acceptable and unacceptable, as far as the vendors are concerned. For the most part, no one tells us that some vendors are tipped after the wedding, how much to tip, which vendors we are supposed to include in our head count for food and so forth.

Unfortunately, if you dont know which questions to ask, you might look uneducated at the wedding. For the most part, we are going to focus on the proper photographer for weddings etiquette.

We understand the importance of hiring a photographer for weddings, but often times they are neglected by the people that hired them. Unfortunately, we do not think to research thoroughly enough into what is proper and expected of us by our vendors. Especially when it comes to the photographers. We assume, we hire them, pay them and pick up the pictures. But there is more than that, that we need to do for them.

As far as tipping a photographer for weddings, this is one of those choices that honestly has to be made by the couple and no one else. You are not obligated to tip the photographer. However, many people do, simply because they provided a service that was above and beyond the expectations. Unfortunately, this is often a sticky subject.

In the event you do decided tipping your wedding photographer was the right thing for you to do, you should tip between 10-15%. This is often where some people decide it is not necessary to tip. The unexpected tip can place a burden on the budget. You do have the option of when you tip as well. Some people prefer to tip at the wedding as the photographer is leaving and others wait until they see their photos before tipping.

Another common question is, Do I feed a photographer for weddings? This is a pretty cut and dry in most cases. However, there are variables that can change this cut and dry subject. Typically, yes you are responsible for feeding a photographer for weddings.

However, you will have to check with the venue to see if you are required to pay an additional fee for the photographer. It is possible that the reception hall has already factored in the meal for the photographer or you might not be charged for the meal.

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